Friday, January 1, 2010

From The Journal of John Woolman

Look, my dear friends, to Divine Providence, and follow in simplicity that exercise of body, that plainness and frugality, which true wisdom leads to; so may you be preserved from those dangers which attend such as are aiming at outward ease and greatness.

Treasures, though small, attained on a true principle of virtue, are sweet; and while we walk in the light of the Lord there is a true comfort and satisfaction in the possession; neither the murmurs of an oppressed people, nor a throbbing uneasy conscience, nor anxious thoughts about the events of things, hinder the enjoyment of them.


  1. Treasures, though small.... What a blessing. "Tell the truth, but tell it slant." W. Stafford. I can't seem to appeal to reason without becoming reasonable myself. The method defeats itself. Letting go in favor of "the enjoyment of them" is a fine notion. However, some things I let go of have claw marks on them.

  2. Have you read John Woolman, Ed? I have the feeling you may get something out of it if you haven't. (& I know what you mean about claws.)