Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If I'm making a submission, I generally try to find the name of the editor responsible for the specific area (prose/poetry) and address the submission letter to that person by name.

Increasingly, literary journals are providing a non-hierarchical list of editors without much illumination regarding who reads for what. In that case, is it better to use the generic "dear editor" or would it be better to select one of those names at random?

Going with "Dear Editor" for today. But curious if any of you have thoughts on the matter.

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  1. If I'm submitting poetry, I always write Dear Poetry Editors, in case there is more than one and they have tender egos. This only after I search for an actual name. If I'm submitting fiction I write Dear Fiction Editors. For the same reason. But in the end I think if your work is good you don't have to over think it. Good luck!