Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Voicemail from the moon.

My husband's company has new software which sends him emails with transcribed versions of voicemails people leave for him. The software doesn't work quite as it should.

These are voicemails which it thinks I left for him while he was in Atlanta for work:

Hey this is extending his.

Voice mail for me -- -- yeah I love you will try and call you later.

Bye bye.


Hey it's me I'm actually going to.

I forgot to tell you that you do have a cracking win children efficiency sending a better feel sorry to get back -- certain I sheet one it's Wells pretty big will star trucks wrote the be brought -- actually to our servers -- three start 12 medium in one little -- but they don't I can still see Cheryl and there -- passenger side calling crack.

Clearly this message NEMI love you.


Hey it's me.

I am back -- but it was again serpentine shortly.

Here this week.


Hey it's me I love you very much actually really early tomorrow.

So I'm going to give you a call -- later if you don't call me back tonight it doesn't really early tonight so I could be there 7:32 -- hey I really don't like testing of you always meeting your phone off you will receive it on and might ring and then don't answer leave you know it's Charisse Meyer 90 -- well when you are having an affair with me -- if you could give to you -- soon turnings an awful time.

I love you if you get this call me.


  1. Isn't it? I'm thinking about how to format it properly.

  2. I especially like "I am back -- but it was again serpentine shortly." There's wisdom in there, somewhere.