Saturday, August 21, 2010

On urban fantasy, from another place on the Internets.

I HATED this book. HATED it. I am so FREAKING TIRED of urban fantasy books featuring waif-like women with masses of tangled hair of whatever goshdarn color. I wanted to drop-kick Isabelle and her precious waif-like paintings out of a plate glass window. And WHY in the name of all that's good in the world are the main characters in urban fantasy novels always painters or lute players or madrigal singers or earth mothers or writers? Does nobody in Newford have an actual job?

I would give nearly anything for an urban fantasy novel that features a stocky banker. With short hair. Who studied accounting. At least then I would have the feeling that I wasn't reading a singles advertisement from the writer over and over and over again. Bookish male, 40s, seeks waif-like artist with masses of tangled hair for a carefree and magical existence. Likes Celtic music and pre-Raphaelite painting. WE GET IT, OKAY? Sheesh.


  1. I have no idea what this book is but you made me snort through my nose. This is how I feel every time I read Jane Austen which was precisely 1 time. Thank you!

  2. Oh well, I think everyone has those book. I love Austen, I have to admit. But I can imagine having this kind of rage towards her anyhow.

  3. This is the best rant ever on urban fantasy fiction! I'm the same, I just can't relate to those waifs at all. I am not and never will be a Twi-hard. - G

  4. Read 1 1/2 urban fantasies which had been recommended and you have distilled those exactly. Your banker or a woman with rough elbows and age spots on her hands who wouldn't know a lute from a lanyard but can kick ass all the same, that I could enjoy